Thursday Night D.I.Y. -A Skillshare for Independent Culture & Community-
WHEN: Thursday, November 18, 2004 7:00 pm 11:00 pm
No one turned away $5 suggested donation
WHERE: CELLspace, 2050 Bryant Street (@18th St.), San Francisco

The producers of the annual Expo for the Artist & Musician present Thursday Night D.I.Y. a workshop event supporting independent artists, musicians, producers and communities. Take that lingering post-election hangover to CELLspace in San Francisco for the first in a new series of do-it-yourself community events. The debut evening features:

@ Panel Q&A: Independent Music Booking & Promotions
@ Panel Q&A: Documentary Filmmaking 101
@ A conversation with Sam Green producer of "The Weather Underground,
conducted by Re/Search impresario V. Vale.
@ Film and video screening: Music, culture and issues

The San Francisco Bay Area is fertile ground for real alternatives to the commercial mass-media and entertainment industries. This November, Thursday Night D.I.Y. helps your project take root and flourish! Have questions about how to make it happen? We have folks with answers.

Unsatisfied by commercial TV news? Quiz panelists on the ins and outs of documentary filmmaking the how and why of telling true stories about the world we live in. Hear tales from pre production to distribution from Julia Query ("Live Nude Girls Unite"), Sarah Fisher ("Dharma Punx"), Ryan Junell (fresh from the Republican National Convention with "Come See the Elephant,"), Virgil Porter ("Burn My Eye"), Kevin Epps ("Straight Outta Hunters Point"), and more.

Trying to get your music to the masses? Learn the dos and don'ts for connecting with clubs, alternative venues, indy labels and community festivals from Jesse Townley (921 Gilman St. Alternative Tentacles), Sara Fischer [sp?] (21 Grand), Jeff Ray (Mission Creek Music Festival), Crisco Jones (KZSU-FM), the High Sierra Music Festival, KUSF-FM, Hostility Management, local clubs and more.

7:158:15 pm "Get Your Music to the Masses" In the Cellspace Parachute Loft
The dos and don'ts of connecting in clubs, alternative venues, indy labels and community festivals
@ Jesse Townley (924 Gilman St., Alternative Tentacles)
@ Kimberly Chun (Music Editor, San Francisco Bay Guardian)
@ Sarah Lockhart (21 Grand)
@ Jeff Ray (Mission Creek Music Festival)
@ Crisco Jones (KZSU-FM)
@ Jay Jaworski (DJ, former Music Director, KUSF-FM)
@ Toby Suckow (Bimbo's)
@ Chris Webd (Hostility Management)
@ Grooy Judy - Local Musicain

7:158:15 pm "Documentary Filmmaking 101" In the Cellspace gallery:
@ Julia Query ("Live Nude Girls Unite" Lusty Lady union movement)
@ Sarah Fisher ("Meditate and Destroy")
@ Ryan Junell (Republican National Convention document "Come See the Elephant")
@ Virgil Porter ("Burn My Eye" independent music series)
@Kevin Epps ("Straight Outta Hunters Point")
@James Hou ("Masters of the Pillow")
@ Karen Larsen (Karen Larsen Associates)
@Aron Ranen

8:309:30 pm Working Artists in Conversation: Sam Green vs. V. Vale
Sam Green is the producer of "The Weather Underground: -A sobering documentary about a group of 1960s "committed freedom fighters" known as The Weather Underground. A radical offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society, the Weathermen didn't just march or sit in; they rioted and bombed -- not to change the American political scene but rather to destroy it. The organization was part of a global trend of revolution that sprang from the belief that not acting against violence is violence.

9:45-11:00 pm Short Film Screening and Mixer Featuring works by our panelists and local documentarians.
We will feature a BYO session at the screening's close, so bring DVDs of your best work! Topics include: Local music, arts, culture, communities and issues.

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