Entertainment laws and permits
And Other Info:
These are links to the San Francisco places to handle these permits & have the information
if you are in another city- look in the phone book on the Internet for this government organization in your town.

Great Info on the Laws
SF Entertainment Commission
People to talk to about San Francisco entertainment permits

Opening a venue
Planning Department (zoning for entertainment areas)
Department of Building Inspectors
SF Entertainment Commission (entertainment permit)
Extend hour permit

Putting on a show
(See what permits the space you are using already has)
Itinerant Show Permit
Selling Alcohol

Outside event in public place (park)
Recreation and Park Department (renting the space)
Loudspeaker Permit
Selling Alcohol

Outside event in public place (closing street)
Department of Parking and Traffic
Loudspeaker Permit
Selling Alcohol

Street performing
SF Entertainment Commission

Selling art on the streets
Street Art License (Art Commission)


Equipment to Use
101 Balloons-List of place all over
Partypop - California list

Table, chairs, stage
PartyPop - list of vendors all over

Generators Unlimited
The Blue Book - list of places all over

Portable toilets
The Blue Book list of portable toilets all over


California Lawyers for the Arts
California BAR Association
SF Late Night Coalition

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