On the clubhouse is the logo that brings forth negative and fearful thoughts to some; and coming in and out of the building is a lot of rough looking patch holders. Then there is to the side of the clubhouse a bouncy house full of happy children.
            You have to give respect to get respect; and when there is respect, you will find a motorcycle clubs love their families and community.
            The first time I went a motorcycle club event, it was a boxing match hosted by a motorcycle club that ran a gym. It was held at a bar with a boxing ring. My brother had made me watch some boxing matches when I was a kid, and I thought it be fun to actually see a boxing match. Also, I want to go to a club event to see what they were like.             I went by myself, because I couldn’t think of any friend that would go with me that I wouldn’t have to constantly watch carefully to make sure they didn’t get into trouble.
            As I got near the club, I noticed a lot of bikes and a lot of big burly men in club jackets, which was petty much the whole audience of the event. I started to question the wise ness of going to this event as I walked inside the club.
            The boxing match wasn’t what I expected; It ended up being a boxing completion between little 10 -15 year old boys, which may sounds really bad but wasn’t. the children only touch boxed and didn’t hit each other hard, knock each other out, or bloody each other up. The little boys would show the knowledge if the boxing fundamentals as the big boys in club jackets, would cheer them on to manhood. Not only was the crowd supportive of the young boxers but also they seemed so supportive of each other. The young men that walked past me after the match had the largest smiles on their face; they were excited to be welcomed into the tribe.
            It was very loud and intense, and yet very warm and fuzzy and full of a beautiful community feeling. 


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