Planning an event:

Venue check list


It is always best to actually check out a space, check out there web site, and if possible talk to someone who has used the venue before. Try to talk to the sound tech or email them your sound requirements before the show.


Questions to ask the venue:


Business stuff:

1)    What are the rental fees?

2)    Do they take a percentage of the door?

3)    Do you have to pay for personnel: door, sound etc?

4)    If they do take part of the door and you pay personnel- does that come out of the door?

5)    When can you get into the space?

6)    How long can you stay in the space?

7)    Is there a deposit?

8)    What do they expect from you?

9)    What is the capacity?


Tech stuff:

10)                  Will they provide on sound person for you?

11)                  Lighting person?

12)                  What sort of sound system do they have?

13)                   Can the have electronic bands?

14)                  What sort of lighting system do they  have? 

15)                  What is the size of the stage?

16)                  Is there any sort of acts they can’t have (fire, nudity)?

17)                  A sound check provided?

18)                  Best way for performers to load in?


(Find out what your performers need sound, stage, and light wise)


PR help and Niceties:

19)                   Do the have a regular ad in local papers?

20)                  Do they flyer?

21)                  Do they have a web site?  Email list? Any PR help?

22)                   What do they want you to have in your flyers and PR about them?

23)                   Do they give out drink tickets? Or water for performers?

24)                   Any guest list policy?

25)                  Do they give a door start?

26)                   What sort of crowd do the get normally?

27)                    Will they let you put up a poster in the club?

Things to remember when making a schedule


1)    Don’t start the show as soon as the doors open

2)    Start with a DJ or music of some sort

3)    Don’t schedule performers till you have to leave

4)    Give your self some padding time

5)    Remember certain acts take awhile to set-up, like bands

6)    Certain act take a while to clean –up

7)    Remember to make time in the schedule for this

8)    Have an MC

9)    Have things for the MC to say or music for during long transitions

10)                  Start with a lively act

11)                  End with either your best, so people will stay

12)                   Try to vary your type of acts

13)                  Keep up an energy flow – don’t have dead time (unless need for transition)

14)                  If the show is long do have break

15)                   Keep slower & mellower acts short (unless that is the theme of the slow)

16)                  Remember dance acts need a clean stage (or section of the floor)

17)                   Find out from performers when they like to go on. 

18)                  Remember bands ( who take awhile to set-up) should have bigger sets then dance or spoken word acts

19)                  Really mess or equipment heavy acts go on last or before a break


Things to ask performers


1)    What is there sound requirement?

2)    Lighting they would like?

3)    What is there set-up time?

4)    Any stage size needs?

5)    Any prop or special A/V needs?

6)    Do they do anything mess on stage? (drag queen acts are famous for this)

7)    People on the guest list?

8)    What do they charge?

9)    What is their act? (which I guess you really should know before you book them. But performance art acts make change from show to show)

10)                   Get a description for the PR

11)                  Find out how they want to be listed on flyers

12)                  How would they like to be introduced?

13)                  Any special they want?

14)                   Can they list the event on their site? Email it to their list?

15)                  Help flyer?


                                                BE KIND

1)    Thank everyone – performers and venue folks

2)   Bring food for perfoformer and share it with venue staff

3)   little gifts (99 cent gifts or cards) are great

4)   Tip Venue staff

5)   Make sure MC thanks everyone

6)   Make sure MC tells people to tip the bartenders

7)   Treat everyone well – never yell.