Interactive Arts
(Burners, community theater, re-inactors)

Popcorn Anti theater was the best and the worst idea ever and it was magical. It was guerrilla theater, short performance pieces in weird and sometimes some what illegal spaces; we found people size holes in construction site, went into parks after hours, sneaked into corners of Home Depot, came across broken locks on condemned buildings. I watched musician playing under bridges by the moonlight, heard the Green Man read the ‘Lorax in an empty oil tanker, and heard an aria from ’Carmen’ song in a junkyard. We lead drunken audience members up hills in the rain, around cliffs, and let them learn fire stick spinning in the woods behind the Presidio (which was a bit of a risky idea). Popcorn Anti Theater was all about the interactive theater experience and for better or worst we let the audience play with us. There were night where we panicked it may go bad …. Really bad; but all and all it was a magical art and community adventure.

why to play
Grown-ups should play
Why adult should play to
Adults need recess

Groups to join
Burning man
Edwardian Ball
Live action role playing games
Renaissance Fair
Super Hero Street Fair
Talk like a Pirate Day
Zombie Walk

Groups you missed
Suicide Club
Cacaphony Society
Popcorn Anti- Theater

Other ways to play
Marsh one person show class
Comedy class
Come up with your own ideas

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