Rough Cut -Film Festival, 2003

The film festival of trailers and unfinished films.

This is the film festival of trailers and unfinished films, is launched. The first film festival where the audience gets to help the film makers finish up their work. This is a new idea in film festivals and market research The audience finally gets to have a chance for all those "Well, if I was making this film..." to be heard and possible used in a helpful way; and the film makers get to hear the general publics opinion of their work, while there is still time to make changes. Big budget Hollywood films can do market research, but besides opinions of friends and family, low to zero budget independent film makers rarely get this feedback.

Best documentary at Festival- Mart-Face
Best Feature - Echos
Best Short - Foucault Who?

When: July 11- 13, 2003

July12-- Spanganda- 3376 19th Street, San Francisco, 1PM

July 13 - Aloft - 25 McLea, San Farncisco, 1PM
July 13 - After party for film festival and Home at Last Animal Rescue
at - Club Galia - 2565 Mission

Rough Schedule:
Sat -12th

1- "Why Should I live"
2:15 - "Mad Beans"
2:30 = Foucault"
2:45 - "Baghead Boy"
3:00- ""Mart-Face" and music video"
4:15 -"Echoes"

Sun -13th
1PM - "Drop me Just I'm a Loser"
1:45- "The Square Circle and Two Spirit People"
2:15 - "Monkey Love"
3:00 - "Surgical Mystery Tour"
3:30 - "Grade A"
4:00 - "After Thoughts"
5:00 - "Tranquil Technology Music"

What type of films: railers, and rough cuts or segment of films that aren't completed. Hour or less of an rough edit, unpolished work. Any genre including documentary, animation, experimental....

Special twist - We will have the audience and special panel - give constructive commentary on the film- suggestions, things liked, things to maybe improve or make clearer .

Special panels of judges: will most likely consist of film critics, people running other film festivals, script writing and film production teachers, and other film makers. So, far I have the film critic from the Bay Area Reporter, a USF script writing teacher, a film producer, an adult entertainment producer, TV camera person.
Robert Stone - Bay Area Reporter Film Critic
C.C. Chapman - Random Foo Pictures
Dee Harris - Script Writing Professor
Christie Pesicka - TV Camera Woman
Kevin Smokler- Radio Film Critic

To Contact Lilycat
(415) 242-1447
Cinetina - the muse of the Cinema - may she bless you