I want to come out as a straight queer. I feel I am not ‘main stream’ in my sexual preference or relationships. I want to be part of the LGBTIQQA. Hell, I want my own letter.  The whole many letters are like when the unpopular kid wins the High School election over the popular but bitchy kid by getting all the geeks and freaks to vote for them; but the unpopular kid is strangely the coolest of the cool. 
            I have been in love with the gay community since I was about 10 and my father (a homophobic hater) tried to get me to hate gay people, but saying they all were the same and the way they were was evil. He used a great cousin and his special male constant company as an example. But I explained these guys were sweet, loved my grandmother and she loved them, funny, dressed well, and brought me wonderful gifts; and non of that was evil… And if all gays were like that then I loved gays… and where could I find more of them. 8 years later I moved to San Francisco

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