Rough Cut -Film Festival, 2006

The film festival of trailers, new, and unfinished films.
Rough Cut -Film Festival, 2006
August 13th -5PM
The Dark Room Theatre - 2263 Mission Street. San Francisco

The first film festival where the audience gets to help the film makers finish up their work. This is a new idea in film festivals and market research The audience finally gets to have a chance for all those "Well, if I was making this film..." to be heard and possible used in a helpful way; and the film makers get to hear the general publics opinion of their work, while there is still time to make changes. Big budget Hollywood films can do market research, but besides opinions of friends and family, low to zero budget independent film makers rarely get this feedback.

Come give your feed back and have fun seeing the best and worst new zero budget film makers have to offer and a lot in between. You many get to see the next new classic or laugh.

After the festival - go grab food then come back to see The Dark Room's "Bad Movie" night - a chance to speak back at the screen as you watch the best of the worst mainstream Hollywood has to offer. --- The "Bad Movie Night" starts at 8PM, is $5, and comes with free popcorn.

How to submit a film for festival:
Send a VHS or DVD copy
CD of band demo tapes
Rough Cut
131 Hugo # 3
San Francisco, CA 94122
July 25th

No Fees,
but please send description of film and a 10 minute segemnt ony or at less what 10 minutes of your film you'd like shown, and your contact info

2005 Showing

It was fun with great flicks- you should check out:
(go to the web site or Goggle them)

A No Budget Short - "Spin Cycle"
Spoken word performance video by Julia Serano
"A Guy Walks into a Bar" by Jason Buckley (of last years - "Washington Interns Gone Bad")
" Get Me Sunny Nichols!"
"Doc(K)" inspired by Foucault
From Lost Head Factory, who have been a part of Rough Cut Before-
"The Two Heads of Burnt Norton" - inspired by a T.S. Elliot poem

PLUS - a section of "You Better Watch Out- Portland Santacon '96"
by Scott Beale of the wonderful Laughing Squid

ALSO- pre show music from the demo tape of 'The Little Things'

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