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Sub -Culture Anthopology

Our families raises us but the communities we end up joining often shape us. It takes a village to raise a child and in many ways we are a child all our lives. The village that is San Francisco is full many amazing sub cultures that have many important things you can learn. I would like to take a look at some sub cultures and discuss how to best and most politely visit and join a sub culture. 
            First let’s define sub culture. A subculture is a community that is not created by blood or ethnicity, but one that is created by common beliefs and passions and interests. It is beyond a scene it is – because it is not just people gathering to share a common interest or hobby or go to the same events – it is people creating community and becoming parts of each other’s lives. The people in a subculture will share a common language, knowledge of history with chosen ancestors, common believes and morals, dress and myths.

Some basic tips

Some Sub- Cultures
BDSM/ Kinkisters
Glitter Tribe
Interactive Arts
Motorcycle Clubs
Punk Rock
Transgressive arts

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